Ep 4. Indonesia Macro - Onshoring of Minerals Refining Creating Global EV and Battery…Listen now (31 min) | An overview of the country’s economy and ambitions to become an EV and battery manufacturing hub.
Saudi Arabia Accepts “the Chinese Bid”; Xi and Partners Paving the De-Dollarization Path
Background on Egypt’s renewable energy drive and the role of Chinese companies in this, and a high-level look into Jushi’s fundamentals as a renewables…
PAX Global (0327.HK) - An Undervalued Chinese POS Manufacturer with Significant Growth Runway in Emerging MarketsWatch now (50 min) | A Deep Dive on HK-listed Small Cap and Global POS Leader
1 Sep - 30 Sep 2022
1 Aug - 31 Aug 2022
Ep 2. Egypt's Rocky Road Ahead to GrowthListen now (36 min) | Ep 2. Egypt's Rocky Road Ahead to Growth by Pyramids and Pagodas
1 Jul - 31 Jul 2022
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