Pyramids and Pagodas

Established in 2022, Pyramids and Pagodas aims to cover underreported trends and companies across emerging markets (“EM”), with a particular focus on Asia and the Middle East. Our content targets a broad audience of investors and anyone seeking to capitalize on or learn more about undervalued investment opportunities in these regions. We have skin in the game for these ideas with a view to build a strong track record with demonstrable returns in the long run.

Our logo is emblematic of strengthening economic and political ties between the countries that make up the Global South. Due to the increasingly multipolar world environment, EM countries are diversifying their economic partnerships and are increasingly courting investments from the likes of China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. Much of the reporting out there on EM investments focuses on plays by western companies, and as many of these are overvalued and concentrated in developed markets, these investments rarely have a material impact on share prices. We aim to highlight interesting opportunities in markets which may otherwise fly under the radar.

Who we are?

Pyramids and Pagodas is brought to you by Altraman and Desertfox, two Asia-based finance professionals with a passion for investing. Altraman is an Investment Analyst/Manager focused on Asia/EM equities and alternatives, and Desertfox is a due diligence and geopolitical risk specialist.

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Our deep dives

Our deep dives provide detailed company fundamentals, market and peer analysis, and financial modelling for revenue forecasting. We tend to select companies operating in fast growing markets with limited English language coverage. These pieces are delivered in PowerPoint format with audio overlaid at a length of 40-60 minutes.

Macro insights

The macro insights highlight interesting economic and geopolitical trends and form the basis of our stock picking methodology. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of key trends globally, we are able to drill down into specific sectors or geographies to select companies for deep dive pieces.

Investment briefs

These pieces represent our quick takes on companies that are making interesting EM plays and have relatively attractive fundamentals. As a lot of these developments are time-sensitive, we bring them to you in an abbreviated format, aiming to highlight the opportunities and potentially do future deep dives on them.

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Contextualizing emerging market investment opportunities with geopolitical and macroeconomic thematic analysis


Contextualizing emerging market investment opportunities with geopolitical and macroeconomic thematic analysis