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Thanks for a great episode! Did Scott mention any Uzbek stock broker to you?

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Offline ~ but to help, there is a list of authorized brokers on the TSE if you are keen to learn more about opening up an account in country.


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I linked to your post in my Sunday subscriber post: EM Fund Stock Picks & Country Commentaries (May 19, 2024) https://emergingmarketskeptic.substack.com/p/em-fund-stock-picks-commentary-may-19-2024

When he commented about "educated" Uzbeks or rather recent grads demanding high salaries, it reminded me of when I worked in Vietnam e.g. Vietnamese who had studied abroad (often those who were wealthy or well connected) would come back and demand high salaries while those who did not have the same opportunities seemed to really resent them + there was no such thing as salary "negotiation" in Vietnam as nobody would budge from their positions 😀

Also, I know the AFC people have commented about the Uzbeks being entrepreneurial and running small businesses-restaurants all over Central Asia - like Baghdad Jews or Armenians in Asia or Lebanese and Coptic Greeks in Africa... There are a couple of Uzbek-Russians restaurants here in KL - one just around the corner from me...

Then there is this article from yesterday:

KK Mart Founder Joins Anwar's Official Visit To Uzbekistan To Expand Business

KK Supermart Group will also open a specialised store to promote Uzbekistan goods in Malaysia.


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